Meet CEO Toni Italiano

Toni's passion, work ethic, unwavering customer focus and commitment to excellence are what drives the whole team at Pet Rock Media.

For Toni, it all started with a love for performing and producing music. That's been true ever since his first tentative gigs at his high school lunch time concerts and it's still true today.

In 1983 Toni bought his first PA system and worked as a sound engineer throughout WA for many local and touring bands.

In 1986 it was inevitable for him to set up his own recording studio. Since then he has produced albums, jingles, radio commercials, voice-overs for on hold messages, shopping centre announcements and audio enhanced slideshows for real estate agents.

Renowned for having “the best ear in the business”, Toni not only knows great professional audio but he has a well deserved reputation for being able to get the very best out of all kinds of recording artists.


Service is not our function, it's our passion!