Now that you have decided to sell your home, you will need to make sure you have the right tools to get potential buyers to your home open.

Thereís already a stack of tools out there. But theyíre all variations of THREE THINGS.

1. Text (signage, online ads, newspaper ads etc),
2. Images (everything from newspaper and online pics, all the way up to EXPENSIVE video & 3D walkthrough.
3. Online (the various web platforms that most buyers and sellers use as a starting point these days.)

Hereís the good news.

Our product/service combines all 3 and it adds another vital selling tool.

A professional voice-over, highlighting the key benefits and amazing features your home has to offer.

What you end up with is an audio-visual presentation on YouTube and the real estate sites. BEST OF ALL, itís incredibly affordable and cost effective.
Itís like your home literally "speaks for itself."


Why add a voice-over to for your listing?


A high percentage of internet users do all the searching on their mobiles. On such a small screen a typical real estate listing has no real impact.

A voice-over added to your images will guide prospective buyers through each room, highlighting the many features your property has to offer and will help them experience the home through spoken words.

You always have content people can read, but by adding a voice-over you have someone they can listen to. You target two types of people who are influenced in different ways. Some people need someone to explain a product or service in real time. Other people want to do it on their own, which is why the Internet has been so successful.

Each of these tactics are powerful in itself, but when you put them together, itís even more effective.
Besides helping your listing, a professionally voice-over will make your listing standout and give you an edge!


Hereís what we do for your listing!

We will use your text and photos combining them with a professional voice-over, engaging music and eye-catching images. 

At no extra charge, we will upload the presentation to our YouTube channel and youíll receive an email with the link to include it in the real-estate websites.

All this for a one off cost of $100*

* Rate includes gst and is based on voicing and producing a 1.20min presentation. Generally consisting of no more than a total of 180 words.

Our job is to talk to your potential buyers through the presentation, highlighting the benefits and features your home has to offer, then the rest is up to you.

But itís one of those things you have to see and hear for yourself. Click on a photo to see and hear existing homes for sale from top real-estate agents.


                          Voiced by Julie               Voiced by Anton   


So whatís the next step?


We understand every home is unique, that's why we prefer a personal chat. 

Make a call to Toni on 0419 967 872 or (08) 9378 4200 or email your contact details to and heíll call you. 


"Go beyond simple photos and actually tell prospective buyers all the amazing features your listing has to offer with a voice-over but without the hefty price tag".