On Hold Messages are like having the perfect employee.


A worker who never gets sick, is always in a good mood, always says just the right thing and doesn't take holiday pay.


Imagine that same employee has excellent marketing skills and is always, friendly, informative, competent and reliable. It is the ultimate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sales, marketing and receptionist person. (And it's all legal.)


As a business owner, you've invested in letterheads, business cards, signage, invoices, statements, brochures, yellow pages, websites, social media and other directories to advertise your contact details, especially your phone numbers.


You want that phone to ring! But when it does, do your staff take care of the enquiries immediately or are callers placed on hold?


Those few moments on hold are actually gold.


That's when you have a captive audience, they've called YOU.


It's the perfect opportunity to let them know about you and your business.  




There are 2 aspects to an on hold message service. The messages themselves, and the equipment or format to play the messages via the telephone.


The cost of messages will vary on how many messages you require. Messages are generally no more than 25 seconds and are blended with license free background music.


As part of the service, Pet Rock Media will script the messages from your brief, then have them voiced by male and/or female professional voice talent. 


We can also supply the digital equipment to play the messages over your telephone.


Depending on the type of business you operate, you can purchase the equipment outright, or receive on hold messages by a service agreement.


A service agreement includes, changing your messages regularly to keep the information to callers fresh and up to date. Our auto transfer digital player plus messages delivers this is generally for a period no less than 12 months.


Once we get a better understanding of how you wish to utilise your messages, we can give you a more accurate quote. 


We hope the information is a starting point to get a better understanding about on hold messages.


Feel free to call us direct anytime on (08) 9378 4200 and have a chat with Toni.


On hold messages work, why else would so many businesses utilize this marketing tool?


Silence is not golden. Chimes are annoying and the radio has the potential of advertising your competitors.


The solution is your very own custom on hold messages from Pet Rock Media.